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I offer weekly and twice weekly lessons. Lessons are scheduled at a regular time each week. I teach 30, 45, and 60 minute lessons. 30 minute lessons are great for beginners, but most students are ready for 45 minute lessons fairly quickly. 



Lessons are taught in-person at my home, and online. I am also happy to schedule one in-person lesson per week + one online check-in. Meeting twice a week is incredibly beneficial to students who are just beginning. 


From the beginning, I emphasize: 

-strong, healthy technique 

-ear training and music theory skills

-problem solving and developing effective practice strategies

-curiosity to explore and create different sounds, and the artistic possibilities that come with this

-But perhaps the greatest responsibility and privilege of the first music teacher is nurturing a love for music


While I recognize that cello lessons have a different place in each student's life and schedule, I expect that my students will be prepared for their lessons. This means that students must commit to consistent practicing. Practice sessions do not need to be long, but they must be regular. Additionally, I expect that students will participate in all of our studio recitals. 

A few of my favorite links + resources

Local instrument rentals: Heid Music 

Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra

Music, rosin, and accessories: Shar Music  &  Johnson String Instrument  

Instrument sales: Carriage House Violins 

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